Case Report: Live Z-Score Training and Headache

One of my latest z-score-training session came out with an effect, which i would like to share. 42 year old woman, suffering from headaches among others. main symptom exhaustion.

In the first session we did 4 channel c3c4 + t3t4 z-score training (ZOK protocol). One of the main results was, that the pain-level did change with the z-score threshold: as she had not so much deviation in the whole scores, i adapted the z-score-”bullseye” from U = 1.2 to 1.0. effect: the headaches (frontal pressure) rised. when we adapted the u slow by slow until final setting of 1.8 (which seemed to be outside the individual variability, her headaches went completely, she felt well – calm and focussed.

Doerte Klein, Hannover Germany 10/20/2007

I want to report about my own experience and I would like to share information about this with others. I put the electrodes on f3 f4 and did z-score perzentOK protocol. I was very astonished when I saw many values out of normal range. Also I got headache after a short while. So I decided to change my age – I am 46 years old. I told the software that I am 33. What happened: all z-scores where ok. They even where ok with the age of 20, they looked even better. I did not go further down, but will try next time. When I was 20 I had no headache at all, felt much better. I know this sounds kind of strange, but this is what I felt.

T.F. 6/26/2007