Case Report: Live Z-Score training post-stroke

I would like to give a short report on a recent case with some good results:

62 old man, post (minimal)stroke (brainstem) state, from which he did fairly well recovered, then diagnosed with aneurysm frontal left (f7), after surgery 3 months ago wordfinding difficulties, lack of focus, more interior focus. we just had some multisite 4-channel z-score sessions, after some stabilisation c3t3 c4t4 some configurations with f7fp1 in the mix. fp1 but more f7 showed marked slow waves and also marked fast waves, and marked hypocoherences of f7 to surrounding sites.  it was only after some expanded trainings, that f7 could show normal values in the end, hypocoherences being also normalized.

A recent call of the family confirmed consequences of this training: no word finding difficulties any more, fluent use of language, adequate focus also to the surrounding, – a side effect being regaining of hunger feeling.

Doerte Klein, Hannover Germany  12/14/2008