Case Studies from Dr. Fred Starr

This is an unsolicited review, and you may put this endorsement on your website if you like. I was compiling some data for publication and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results I am attaching above.

My patients have been amazed at the results they achieve using Z-Score Neurofeedback. Since implementing Live Z-Score (LZT) training into my practice, I have seen my patients need less training because they get results faster. This not only benefits them psychologically, socially, and personally. Shorter training time reduces the financial burden of Neurofeedback. Additionally, if patients complete their training in a shorter time, we have more time available to help more people.

Using Live Z-Score also takes some of the guess work out of Neurofeedback Training, and allows for more flexible training protocols. I have treated thousands of patients using traditional psychiatry and conventional qEEG directed neurofeedback before switching to Live Z-Score Training.

At first I was skeptical of LZT and began using it on a small select number of patients. Now we use Brainmaster’s LZT at 17th Avenue Psychiatry exclusively. Our objective and subjective data support my clinical observations. Z-Score training is a leap forward in Neurofeedback Training.


Fred Starr, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Medical Director
17th Avenue Psychiatry