Choice of 4-channel montage for quick assessment

This article regards choosing 4 channels for a quick EEG assessment.

If you have to pick one 4-channel connection, I’d first suggest F3 F3 P3 P4.

However, some people prefer C3 C4 Fz Pz.

F3 F4 P3 P4 is better for seeing language and related issues, and gives a good interhemispheric view of both anterior and posterior. Frontal asymmetry is also evident, which relates to mood. Also, posterior asymmetries can be important.C3 C4 Fz Pz is more oriented towards seeing the motor strip, and also the front-back asymmetry. For ADHD, the C3 C4 is important, plus you also see any frontal action (hot cingulate), plus posterior activity. Also, C3 C4 is one of the the most versatile places to do training, unless you subscribe to the T3 T4 approach. Pz will also see a posterior cingulate abnormality.

I’d suggest doing eyes closed if you have to pick, as it is free of artifact.

Else, do both eyes open and eyes closed.

So if you have to pick, I’d consider C3 C4 Fz Pz eyes closed.

Second choice F3 F4 P3 P4 eyes closed.

It would be nice to get both sets.

Another approach is to use a MINI-Q II and get various sets. This will also give you topographic maps if you get 16 channels in 4 passes. You can actually do a full head mini-q in 5 minutes, once you get the electrocap on.

To just do 4 positions with stick-on sensors, you don’t need a cap.

Note: This protocol design, and all designs provided by BrainMaster, are for demonstration and illustration purposes only. It is the clinician’s responsibility to ensure that any designs used provide the intended feedback.