Ultra-Low Frequency Training – Clinical Comment

I have been using the Low Freq Training with the Atlantis and the changes are consistent, fast, often profound and they hold. The tricky part is finding and tracking the setpoint. If you got it, great, if you don’t then the integration process is at least a bit uncomfortable. And the setpoint does change…

I asked one of my older clients to describe the sensation and he said it was like having his head wrapped in saran wrap, which I thought was a very good description of inhibiting all the frequencies except low low delta.

Since it’s only an investment in some silver-chloride wires ($80), why not try it?

For my spectrum kids, changes include after 4 sessions, child went from three to seven word verbalization to 4 sentence paragraphs responses, from ltd echolaic to non-stop speech (mom smiled at the change and is handling it well), from withdrawn to social (1 or 2 sessions).

Very significant change with very minimal effort.

I know I haven’t addressed the physics questions, just want to be client centered for a moment…

Best, Jackie

Wednesday, August 04, 2010