EEG Biofeedback Case Studies Using Live Z-Score Training (LZT) and a Normative Database


  • Thomas F. Collura, PhD
  • Joseph Guan, MM.ED, PhD
  • Jeffrey Tarrant, PhD
  • Penijean Rutter, MA
  • Nancy Wigton, MA
  • Fred Starr, MD
  • Charles R. Stark, MD
  • Doerte Klein, PhD
  • Harry Kerasidis, MD

August 29, 2009


This report discusses the technical background, and initial clinical results obtained, in an implementation of live Z-Score based Training (LZT) in an EEG biofeedback system. This approach makes it possible to compute, view, and process normative z-scores in realtime as a fundamental element of EEG biofeedback. While employing the same type of database as conventional QEEG postprocessing software, LZT software is configured to produce results in realtime, suiting it to live assessment and training, rather than solely for analysis and review.

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