Case Report – Z-Score practitioner comments re. 4-channel training

1) Training coherence, asymmetry and phase in several locations is so much more simple. In the past, it was much more difficult to figure out what to train first and where to start.

2) We are able to design a training protocol and not have to plan too many changes going forward.
3) My perception is that the patients are getting results faster.
4) We can use 4 channel to ‘monitor’ what the brain is doing and then use this information to target our amplitude or coherence training for hometraining.
5) Biasing the u/l window optimizes the training session. You don’t always need the upper or lower limit to be equivocal.
There are some other things that we picked up, that have also improved our results. Since finishing the training, we have added 4 channel most if the individuals that were doing 2 channel. This clearly cuts down on the time they need to train.
F.S. 11/8/2008