Case Report – Z-Score practitioner Tom Brown comments re. ASD

I have been using Z-scores and the mini-Q EEG with just about all the kids that I have.  I have children on the spectrum  both in the US and India who I have been working with.  For those who come into the office, I almost always uses the Z-score training.  I have had some very humbling results with a lot of these kids.  It has helped with sensory issues, anxiety (one of the biggest problems with ASD) and with integrating frontal lobe functions with the temporal lobes and the lymbic system.  I have been doing the Q before , during and after and the changes are at times quite dramatic. 

I’ve used a different approach with the remote units that I have in India and have also had some very nice results. 

Others have asked me how things are going with the children I deal  with.  I treat children who are on the autism spectrum.

There have been some heart warming changes in some of these kids, decrease in  anxiety, increase in executive functioning, ability to get off some major medications.    One of my kids, who  was very agitated and explosive is now an A student with a great  sense of humor.  He’s a completely different kid.  Some of my parents have said that this  (neurofeedback) has been the only thing that has helped them

T. Brown, M.A., L.L.P.