Testimonial by one of Dr. James Loong’s patients

Hi All,

I just had to share this bit of excitement.  Some of you are aware that  we have been doing what is called EEG Neurofeedback with (on?) Camron  since the beginning of June.  We are working with a neuro-psychologist,  Dr. James Loong, who we feel we were guided to.  Twice a day we attach electrodes to specific places on Camron’s scalp.  The other end of the  electrodes are plugged into Brainmaster equipment.  Then he watches  feedback on his computer monitor and learns to control the waves within  his brain.  He does not use a mouse, only his brain.  (Sounds pretty  far-out, I know.)  But Dr. Loong told us that we could expect  improvement in his seizures as one of the earliest improvements.

Well, Saturday night Camron had a seizure (the first since beginning EEG  Neurofeedback).  He has been having a seizure about once every 5-7  months.  His last one was March 10.  Historically, his seizures last  anywhere from 10 minutes (most often) to 20-30 minutes.  Once it lasted  60 minutes!!  Afterwards, he is exhausted and his speech is slow and  he’s generally wiped out.  It takes quite a while to get his left side  working again.  Last night’s seizure was 60-90 SECONDS.  He experienced
only some tingling in his left hand and foot and some lack of usage of  his hand.  But he was able to walk from the bathroom to his bed (we  helped) and lie down.  By then it was over.  There was no residual  effect.   He just went back to the bathroom and finished getting ready  for bed.  And all this improvement goes with decreasing his seizure  medication also.

We are so excited.   Well, must go now.  I must go thank my Heavenly  Father for this blessing in our lives–and, knowing me,  I’ll probably  ask for more.  This coming Saturday, August 23, is the tenth anniversary  of Camron’s accident.  We look forward to seeing what more benefits will come with the EEG Neurofeedback.

Credendo vides (by believing one sees),