QEEG Introductory and Certification Review – Virtual Workshop

QEEG Introductory and Certification Review

February 19 – 20, 2021

Virtual Workshop

Thomas ColluraJeff Reich

Thomas Collura Ph.D, QEEG-D, BCN, LPCC-S

Jeffrey P. Reich, QEEG-D, BCN

This follow-up course to the QEEG Certification Didactic Workshop, will give additional review of Interpretating reports, reviewing QEEG’s as well as plenty of Question and Answer periods. Complimentary for attendees of the QEEG Certification Didactic Workshop course on January 22 & 23 and February 5 & 6, as it expands on the information, with more hands-on practice. Whether you are new to QEEG, just attended the QEEG Workshop, or simply want to further your QEEG knowledge, this is a can’t miss workshop!

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Full Workshop – 2 Days

$395 USD For Regular Attendees
$395 USD Free for all Attendees of the QEEG Certification Didactic Workshop (Sign up for that workshop here

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Order QEEG Introductory and Certification Review with Tom & Jeff - August Full Workshop @ $395.00

[Day 1 & Day 2]

Time: 9:00A – 5:00P

  • QEEG 101
    • The Basics of Interpreting
      • QEEG Summary Maps
      • FFT Absolute Power Maps
      • FFT Absolute Power Z-Score Maps
      • Theta/Beta Ratio Maps
      • Alpha Peak Amplitude Maps
      • Absolute Power Tables
  • Interpreting qEEGPro Reports
    • Profile Reports
    • Protocols
    • sLORETA
  • qEEG Report
    • The qEEG Report Template
    • Writing your own qEEG Report
  • Attendees Review and Summarize 10 QEEG’s
    • Reviewing everything from ‘A to A’: Artifacts, to Areas of dysregulation, to Abnormalities.
  • Question and Answer Period

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