Leonardo Mascaro, PhD.


• 1992 B.A. in Pscychology from the University Paulista (UNIP)
• 2005 Masters in Pscyhology- Neuroscience and
Behavior from the University of Sao Paulo (USP)
• 2006 Practitioner in Awakened Mind Bio-feedback
Meditation (Anna Wise Center)
• 2007 Traditional Neurofeedback Training with Dr. Margaret Ayers
• 2009 Advanced Training Certification in the use of LENS
(Low Energy Neurofeedback System)
• 2010/2011 QEEG and Live Z-Score Training – Stress Therapy

• Neurofeedback workshop, in Munich, Germany; with
Tom Collura, Mark L. Smith and Bill Mrklas.
• QEEG Discovery, Neuroguide, and Live Z-Score”, with Robert Thatcher,
Mark L. Smith, Tom Collura , Dick Genardi, and Bill Mrklas.
• Incorporating Neurotherapy into a Mental Health Practice and Live
Z-Score Training” – Tom Collura and P.J. Rutter.
• Advanced Z-Score & ILF Training” with Mark L. Smith
• A Scientific Approach to Database Guided Brain Mapping and
Neurofeedback”, with Thomas and Linda Brownback.

Leonardo Mascaro Workshop Information