EEG Screening Review

EEG Screening Review and Quality Assurance Review

Have your client .edf files reviewed by an experienced, board-certified neurologist!

The StressTherapy Solutions EEG Screening Report Service is available to neurofeedback clinicians or clinics offering EEG/QEEG services under scope of practice.

The reports, alert give beginners EEG biofeedback possible presence if paraoxymal and contain an assessment of the following:

  • Overall quality of the EEG
  • Presence of artifact
  • Description of background rhythm
  • Presence (or absence) of paroxysmal or epileptiform activity for biofeedback purposes

Based upon this review, the practitioner can be confident that the quality and integrity of each uploaded recording has been reviewed by a specialist prior to determination of disregulated brain areas of interest for protocol selections. This ensures that your recording will be of an acceptable standard with any competent medical or neurophysiological professional. It also provides an additional level of protective assurance for the clinician and the clinet during difficult and unusual cases.

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May also be used in conjunction with NewMind data reports or a clinician’s reading of client’s QEEG

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