QEEG Certification Board Test

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QEEG Certification Board Test

The next step after the QEEG Certification Workshop

Virtual Test


The IQEEGCB now has an approved online proctoring service, MonitorEDU, where candidates can schedule their live online proctored exam at their convenience, 24/7!

Any attendees interested in taking the qEEG Certification Exam can click on this link here, and it will take you directly to the IQEEGCB web site to log in.

Once at their site, near the top of the home page, on the right hand side, you will find a rectangle that says ‘Certification Process’. You will be able to click on either ‘New Candidates’ or ‘Existing Certificants’. From here you should be able to file your Application with them, and pay the fee, so that they know your intentions to become Certified. At this time, they will send you the current/updated Recommended Reading List, with Live links, so that you can begin studying.