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Obtaining professional certification represents a wise choice for the health care professional desiring to offer patients and clients high quality neurofeedback training and therapy.  Certification offers credibility and well-deserved respect for individuals who undergo the rigor and discipline required to attain specialist status amongst their peers. Insurance companies are requiring certification more often than not and the educated patient or client may well choose their clinician based on the clinician’s certification status.  Let’s face it, when we choose our physicians and other health care providers, certification in ones area of expertise is simply expected.

Beginning a new career or extending one’s knowledge in one’s existing career usually requires travel to several workshops offering the educational information necessary when “certification” is the goal.  Value of time spent away from one’s clinic and home represents an intangible cost.  However, actual hard costs associated with  workshop registration fees, airfare, auto rental, hotel, food and miscellaneous needs tend to cost thousands of dollars per workshop.  Finally, a time -efficient and cost-effective solution has emerged – The New Mind Neurofeedback Web Course. StressTherapy Solutions, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio is an educational corporation offering the biofeedback community access to some of the most highly respected instructors in the industry.  Best known since the late 80′s as an alternative medicine source and publisher of the past newspaper Chronic Pain Solutions, StressTherapy Solutions, Inc. markets educational workshops, courses, books, and products. StressTherapy Solutions, Inc. is proud to be chosen by New Mind Neurofeedback as it’s exclusive U.S. marketing agent for The New Mind Neurofeedback Web Course.

The New Mind Neurofeedback Web Course provides students with all of the materials required to prepare for the didactic portion of the BCIA certification requirement.  A dedicated full time Ph.D. in psychology and neurofeedback (with clinical experience) monitors the course and actively assists the student to better understand the material.  This course follows the BCIA “Blueprint of Knowledge” very closely and was written for clinicians in an easy-to-understand format. It not only covers the scientific literature in the field regarding all the various disorders and protocols, but also explains how to actually “do neurofeedback”.

What can I expect as a student of the New Mind Neurofeedback Web course?

The New Mind Neurofeedback Web Course provides a means for individuals who wish to complete 40 didactic hours of BCIA-approved training an opportunity to do so over the Internet.  Upon registration, students will receive a passkey to log on to the New Mind Neurofeedback website and access the modules they wish to study in order to obtain certified didactic hours.

In addition, they will receive an invitation to join the course discussion group, where questions regarding readings can be discussed with other students or the instructor. A dedicated staff member, who is an experienced college professor, will monitor the discussion group and all aspects of the course on an ongoing basis.  All required reading materials are included.

The course has been written in an easy to understand manner and is fully cited. The author draws upon extensive experience at the clinical level as well as from years of teaching EEG biofeedback to other professionals in both the clinical and workshop setting. Many modules in the course have already been field tested and received enthusiastic praise from students learning EEG biofeedback.

Whether your intent is to obtain as much neurofeedback knowledge as possible or to obtain the necessary hours required by BCIA you will find this course to be highly informative, easy to follow and cost effective.

New Mind Neurofeedback Certification Web Course

Presented by: Richard Soutar, Ph.D.

This course from New Mind Neurofeedback Center is presented as a web based-learning format. Each participant will have an opportunity to complete the course material at a time and pace that is convenient for him or her. As an enrolled member of the course, you will receive a package that includes your password to the course on the web, the course book, and journal reprint with all pertinent articles. The web based-learning format features online written material, hard copy articles and reference book, an on line syllabus; an easy to follow format to complete each session; Internet-based instruction and access to important resources and adjunct course material is available.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of this course follow the outline of BCIA’s core requirements that can be viewed at the BCIA website (www.bcia.org)

  • Review the historical and theoretical foundations of EEG Biofeedback
  • Examine neurophysiology and the physiological origins of EEG rhythms.
  • Identify the cortical dynamics of EEG and Electrophysiology
  • Review the basic electrical concepts of EEG instrumentation
  • Examine a variety of effective EEG protocols.
  • Demonstrate proficiency by identifying and applying the appropriate assessments and protocols for a variety of disorders and conditions.

This course satisfies the requirement for 36 BCIA Didactic hours as outlined below.

  • Orientation to EEG Biofeedback – 4 Hours
  • Basic Neurophysiology & Anatomy – 4 Hours
  • Instrumentation & Electronics – 8 Hours
  • Research – 2 Hours
  • Psychopharmacology Considerations – 2 Hours
  • Treatment Planning – 12 Hours
  • Professional Conduct – 4 Hours

*This Course is approved for 36 credits for Psychologists

Prerequisite for Participation

Participants seeking Didactic credit to be applied toward BCIA certification are to have a bachelors degree or higher granted by a regionally accredited academic institution in a health care field such as: psychology, medicine, nursing, (including two-year licensed RNs), physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, or counseling. Please visit: http://www.bcia.org web site for a complete list of approved health care fields. Credentialed special education teachers and counselors may also become certified to work in school environments. Individuals who do not hold a degree in one of the BCIA approved health care fields may be eligible for certification through a special review of credentials. Please contact BCIA for details.

Participants not seeking certification may participate if they have an interest in EEG Biofeedback as a practitioner, staff, or student with an interest in expanding their knowledge of EEG Biofeedback.

*This course co-sponsored by Amedco/R Cassidy Seminars for continuing Education credit. Amedco/R Cassidy Seminars is an approved provider of continuing education for psychologists. Amedco/R Cassidy Seminars maintains responsibility for this program.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 7 days after receiving course material and access to the course work area and upon return of the materials (in saleable condition) at the registrant’s expense, will receive a refund of the total amount paid minus a shipping and handling fee of $75.00. No refund will be issued for cancellation after the 7th day from receipt of course materials.

Schedule and Format

Course is on going and participants can enroll and work at their own pace. Participants will be allowed 12 months in order to complete the course. Participants desiring to extend the time to complete the course must do so in writing and additional time will be charged at $50.00 per month. Otherwise the participant’s User ID and Password will be removed from the system after 12 months.


Dr. Soutar is the Director of Neurofeedback Services for New Mind Neurofeedback Center in Roswell,Georgia. Additionally he is the general manager of Neurosystems Consulting, and was an adjunct professor at Arizona State University where he taught psychology and sociology. Before his move to the Atlanta area he was on the Board of Directors for the Emotional Fitness Center in Phoenix. Dr. Soutar co-authored a book with the neurofeedback pioneer Adam Crane, entitled MindFitness: the Process as well as authoring the first textbook for the field entitled, “Doing Neurofeedback.” He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Oklahoma State University. His Masters Degree, which focused on Family Systems and Addictions, was from the University of Arkansas as was his Bachelors Degree in Psychology.  He received his initial training in alpha-theta neurofeedback at the Arkansas Recovery Group in 1993.  Since then he has trained at the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles, American Biotech, and attended workshops to learn the theories and protocols of Valdeen Brown, the Othmers, Joel & Judith Lubar, Margret Ayers, Les Femi, Jay Gunkleman, Bill Scott, and many others.

He is BCIA certified and a member of the ISNR. He has served as adjunct faculty for Arizona State University and the Maricopa Community College System.  He was also co-director of neuropsychological and neurofeedback services for Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Glendale Arizona.

Dr. Soutar has worked with professional athletes, trainers, managers, medical practitioners, and psychologists to assist them in successfully achieving their performance goals. In addition he trains Md.’s, Counselors, and Professional Psychologists in neurofeedback and related technologies and does regular workshops for other professionals in his field in areas of human transformation technologies, neurofeedback, and audiovisual entrainment.

Admission Fees

  • EEG Biofeedback Certification Webcourse Complete (36hrs) – $995
  • Module 1 of Certification Course (4 hours) – $160
  • Module 2 of Certification Course (4 hours) – $160
  • Module 3 of Certification Course (8 hours) – $325
  • Module 4 of Certification Course (2 hours) – $75
  • Module 5 of Certification Course (2 hours) – $75
  • Module 6 of Certification Course (12 hours) – $435
  • Module 7 of Certification Course (4 hours) – $160

*EEG Biofeedback Certification Webcourse Complete earns discounts on equipment and workshops and access to the New Mind List Serve.

Call StressTherapy Solutions, Inc. at 1-800-447-8052 or 1-216-766-5707 to enroll