BCIA Bootcamp for Beginners Certification Course – Tampa, FL 2013

Penijean, I just wanted to write a note to you to say thanks for such a great training.  I am so appreciative of your patience and gift of teaching such complicated material but doing so in a manner that is easily understood.  I really have attended many many trainings by leaders in the Trauma field – and though they are good; I walked away understanding so much more material and the clinical significance from your training.  I believe this has everything to do with your self regulation, willingness to share information (you clearly do not use knowledge as power), and your generous, unassuming spirit.  I hope you are well.  My best to you!  Jenn

3 Day QEEG Bootcamp In-Service, 2013

I want to take a minute and thank you for your help and sincere interests in our development and training. I’m very happy to have taken your advice to work with Penijean Gracefire prior to the intensive week long work shop in Cleveland. We were more than prepared to take benefit from the expert trainers which made the whole experience a true value. I have no doubt that combining the Boot Camp and Week Long Intensive has advanced our development by 8 to 12 months and this is already paying off in our practice. Penijean was extremely generous with her vast knowledge and very patient with our questions and interests. I would not hesitate to combine a similar training program for our future development. -Thomas K. Pedigo.Ed.D., MSCP., ABMP., BCN Director/Owner Savannah Child Study Center

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