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Dick Genardi, PhD
BCIA ID – E5287

Research Associate, University of Oregon, Special Education Resource Center Title VI-B Grant writer and program director; Title III demonstration grant statistical evaluator Consultant, Micronesian Trust Territory of the Pacific, Ministries of Medicine and Education Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota Medical School Private practice in behavioral medicine and health psychology; 1978 and following Founder and clinical director, St. Elizabeth Medical Center Regional Chronic Pain Program (Dayton, Ohio) Founder and clinical director, Dartmouth Hospital, Center for Anxiety Disorders (Dayton, Ohio) VP of Academic Affairs, The Union Institute and University (Cincinnati, Ohio) Clinical Director, Integrated Youth Services Mental Health Center (Greene County, Ohio)

Loyola University, B.Sc., 1966; Biology and Psychology- Major, Philosophy -Minor University of Oregon, M.A., 1970; SPE D- Behavioral Disorders University of Oregon, Ph.D., 1974; Behavioral Psychology


Psychologist, Ohio #2964; 1980
Consulting Psychologist, Minnesota #C615; 1978-1988

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