, Ph.D., QEEG-D, BCN, LPCC-S BCIA ID – E5319"/>

Thomas Collura, Ph.D., QEEG-D, BCN, LPCC-S BCIA ID – E5319

Tom Collura

Thomas Collura is the Founder and President of BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., and Clinical Director of the Brain Enrichment Center, Bedford, Ohio, and is an Instructor with Stress Therapy Solutions, Beachwood, Ohio. He holds degrees in philosophy, biology, biomedical engineering, and mental health counseling, from Brown University, Case Western Reserve University, and Walden University. He has held staff and clinical positions with AT&T Bell Laboratories, the Cleveland Clinic Department of Neurology, and Siemens Medical Systems. He is a Diplomate of the Quantitative EEG Board, and Board Certified in Neurofeedback with the BCIA. He has received the Hans Berger Award of Merit from the AAPB, and is a fellow of the ISNR, and has received the ISNR Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a Past President of the ISNR and the AAPB. He is the author of “Technical Foundations of Neurofeedback” and co-editor of the “Handbook of QEEG and Neurotherapy,” both published by Taylor Francis. He holds numerous patents and has published in the areas of EEG, evoked potentials, and neurofeedback systems. His continuing interests are in EEG and QEEG in clinical and research applications, evoked potentials, and mental health and personal optimization applications.

Certified as trainer by Biofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA)

Thomas Collura Workshop Information

  • Jan 20 & 21 | Feb 2, 3, & 4 | Feb 17 & 18 Virtual Workshop This follow-up course to the QEEG Certification Didactic Workshop, will give additional review of Interpretating reports, reviewing QEEG’s as well as plenty of Question and Answer periods. Complimentary for attendees of the QEEG Certification Didactic Workshop course, as it expands on the information, with more hands-on practice. Whether you are new to QEEG, just attended the QEEG Workshop, or simply want to further your QEEG knowledge, this is a can’t miss workshop!
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  • 21+ Hour Didactic qEEG Introduction with Neurofeedback and Implementation January 18 | February 3 & 4
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  • January 19 – 21 | January 26 & 27 Virtual Workshop This workshop, which is uniquely taught by five qEEG diplomates with diverse backgrounds, provides not only an opportunity to fulfill the qEEG Certification Board requirements, but also provides a broad and up-to-date exposure to the current state of qEEG and neurofeedback. Attendees who are seeking qEEG Board certification, as well as those who have experience in qEEG and neurofeedback will find this a comprehensive and engaging workshop that by definition will include essential material to ensure a solid grasp of current qEEG concepts.
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  • Clinical Principles of Z-Score Training – Beginner to Intermediate | March 24 – 26, 2023
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