What is the GNI?

What is the Global Neurofeedback Initiative?

The Global Neurofeedback Initiative (GNI) is an endeavor by StressTherapy Solutions, Inc. and BCIA didactic education for neurofeedback certification to:

• create a common language and informational platform from which to engage other mental and physical health disciplines, thereby forming collaborative alliances to improve the quality of patient care in regards to neurofeedback training.

• offer comprehensive certification training that incorporates historical information and conventional techniques with state-of-the-art technology  and developments.

Why is StressTherapy Solutions  introducing the Global Neurofeedback Initiative?

• To promote worldwide excellence and consistency in neurofeedback education and certification

• To gather top BCIA-certified clinicians throughout the world to offer neurofeedback training to individuals seeking certification status

• To teach in a systematic manner that encourages consistency in educational materials and instruction and assist in forming a common language and terminology

Do I really need to be certified in neurofeedback?

Board certification is the mark of distinction for providers of biofeedback and neurofeedback services.  It establishes than an individual has met entry-level requirements for the practice of biofeedback. Board certified practitioners ensure credibility to their clients.

Where do I start?

Click on an instructor in the region where you would like to get certified to find out when and where the next GNI-sponsored BCIA certification workshop is available.