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Hasan Asif,Psychiatrist, M.D

Hasan Asif
Dr. Asif is a board certified psychiatrist in private practice for over 23 years. He is the founder and clinical Director of Brain Wellness Center where art of healing comes together with tools of neuroscience to provide a comprehensive objective evaluation and treatment for the body brain and mind. Our therapeutics; neuro psychotherapy provided along with transcranial magnetic stimulation and neurofeedback brain training is the most comprehensive way to address trauma, addictions and mood disorders. Our approach addresses issues on a spectrum spanning from disorders to stress resilience/ wellness to optimization.
Brain wellness methodology relies on low resolution tomography to scan your brain circuits and their functions. Based on the data collected we formulate a multidimensional treatment plan which include neuromodulation, brain training, biofeedback and psychotherapy. We have recently included virtual reality therapy for trauma and addictions.

Our methodology relies on objective data from your brain and body, and devise treatment ranging from medication management to neuromodulation, neuro/bio feedback and psychotherapy.